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1/2 Day Scrambling and Weasling - great for kids!


Despite the lack of mountains in the South West, there are still some great rocky adventures to be had! Join a Climb Cornwall Instructor on Bodmin Moor or Dartmoor for a fun and adventurous session for all the family. Suitable for ages 6+



Up to 4 participants  £160.00

Additional participants (to a maximum of 8)  £20.00 per person


Fancy a whole day? Chat to us to book an afternoon of crag

climbing to follow the scrambling or visit an indoor wall.

Guided Scrambling

Looking for something more exciting than a walk, but without the faff of roped climbing? Scrambling can cover some stunning terrain; knife edge ridges with breath-taking exposure, weaving your way along intricate weaknesses in vertical terrain, or follow soaring butresses to the summits.


A qualified Climb Cornwall Instructor will be there to guide your steps, so whether you're looking for long days on grade 1 or safe exploration of grade 3 terrain, we can promise you a superb scrambling experience.

The Sea-Cliff Scrambles


Head to West Cornwall to try one of the longest climbing routes in the county.


The Land's End Long Climb or Commando Ridge may not be traditional mountain scrambles, but they do make a great day covering a lot of ground! This day out

involves several pitches of graded rock climbing and the

routes would certainly be Grade 3 scrambles if they

were in the mountainous areas.


Be prepared for a challenge!


Rates (per participant)

1 climber £220.00

2 climbers £130.00

3 climbers £125.00 

4 climbers £120.00


UK Scrambling - Snowdonia, Lake District and Scotland


Climb Cornwall staff are always keen to adventure away from the South West, and if you are serious about some superb scrambling, then the UK's mountainous areas offer a world class experience.


With almost infinite combinations of locations, routes and challenges we won't try to list everything here!

GUIded climb logo.JPG

Bespoke Guided Scrambling Trips

Can't see exactly what you want?


A qualified Climb Cornwall Instructor can join you to add a single day, or a whole holiday's worth, of scrambling. Whether you are visiting the South West,  or looking to take some expertise with you on your trip elsewhere in the UK.


Please contact Climb Cornwall to discuss your scrambling interests and how we can help.

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