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Climb Cornwall began as an idea in 2004 and became the trading name for its founder Jay in 2013.


Though we do things other than climbing and we do work all around the UK, not just Cornwall - the alliteration of Climb Cornwall was too good to miss!


Climb Cornwall is built on a love of; climbing, reflective practice, mindfulness, technical expertise, mountains, sea-cliffs, adventure, supporting others, learning, developing, problem solving, challenge and all the fantastic people we've met along the way.

Creating Climb Cornwall has been like on-sighting a good route - there will always be challenges, occasionally we have to back up and rethink, sometimes some help or beta from a friend can be just thing and at other times it's great to turn it down and unlock the sequences yourself. The best bit of course, is knowing that when you reach the top, there will always be another route to climb, challenge to attempt, experience to enjoy, and reflections to share.


Ultimately we believe in freedom. The freedom to explore, the freedom to challenge ourselves, the freedom to learn and the freedom to grow.


This belief underpins all the things our company values most highly - discovery, joy, development, adventure, learning and growth.

As a result of our conscious awareness of these values, we strive to behave in a way that is professional, respectful, that has a positive impact on both the natural environment and human society and to create situations that support and nurture positivity, honesty, and emotional freedom - for ourselves and our clients. 


We always review our actions and reflect on the outcomes of our practice, to ensure we are fulfilling our goals and are operating in a manner that supports this statement to the best of our abilities.


We are legally required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations - we were pleasantly surprised to find that we had very little to do to be compliant!

In short...

Climb Cornwall gathers some information from its customers upon booking to ensure that the right customer turns up to the right session and that, in the hugely unlikely case of an incident, we can provide important information to the emergency services and get in contact with the right people. 

This information is stored securely. It is never shared in any way with anyone other than the emergency services and delivering instructors.


All information is deleted 7 years after the end of the activity (this may seem like a long time, but this is how long you have to make a claim if you feel we have been negligent in our duty of care).

Any customer may request a copy of the information we hold about them, and to make it really easy, we usually send you a copy of the form you submit when we confirm a booking with you.

With regards to our mailing list...

Climb Cornwall sends a regular email with details of upcoming courses and special offers. To receive this you have to have signed up via Facebook or our web-page or requested to receive it on a booking form.


This mailing list is handled entirely by MailChimp in line with their own data protection policies; all you provide is your name and e-mail address.

Climb Cornwall will never share this information with anyone else.

You can unsubscribe at any time. 

You may request a copy of the information we hold at any time.

Sign up to our mailing list here for news, updates and informative articles.


                  You can view our full Data Protection policy here.

Walk with us or work with us, consult us or climb with us, bring your own challenge or leave it to us to plan, relax in your comfort zone, or push your limits. Have fun, get scared, stay safe, stay professional, keep dreaming, keep striving, and come on an adventure with Climb Cornwall!

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Our values

Our Values

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