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At Climb Cornwall we like nothing more than seeing our friends learn and develop their own skills.


Whether you are looking at becoming proficient with map and compass, so you can feel confident in your abilities out on the hill, or would like to explore your limits on the sharp end and push your trad leading grade, Climb Cornwall instructors draw on a deep understanding of coaching and technical skills to deliver high quality and effective instruction.


We offer instruction and coaching for all ages and abilities, and have significant expertise in working with clients with a range of impairments.


All our courses can be delivered on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis, and many are also available as group sessions.


As always the content can always be tailored to meet your particular desired learning outcomes, so please do contact Climb Cornwall about bespoke coaching and instruction.

Coaching & Instruction

Performance Coaching

Improve your climbing performance - technique workshops and training programmes.


Indoor Climbing

Learn and develop your skills at indoor climbing facilities - instructional workshops and


Outdoor Climbing

Skills instruction on real rock - workshops for beginners and experts alike.

Hill-walking and mountaineering

From map-reading to mountain bivouacs - technical instruction on the British hills.

Youth Coaching

Performance coaching and support specifically tailored to climbers under 18.

Inclusive and adaptive activities

It's all about what we can do, not what we cannot. Instruction to enable participation for all.

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