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If you are looking to explore a new area, or venture that bit further beyond the car than you normally would, or simply want a day out without having to manage the where and how yourself, then meet up with a Climb Cornwall instructor and relax in the knowledge that they will take care of all the logistics!


You will need suitable equipment for our walks, but they can all be tailored to meet your time and fitness needs. Get in touch to discuss any of our guided walks or a bespoke package.

South West Coast Path


Explore some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the world - World Heritage tin mines, stunning cliffs, sandy beaches, ice creams and tea-rooms!


From one day round trips, to extended treks, chat to us about guided and supported journeys around the South West.


1/2 Day £60.00   

Full Day £90.00

Additional Walkers (to a maximum of 8) £5.00 per person

Please contact us for enquiries about larger groups.

Bodmin Moor and  South East Cornwall


Lose yourself in the picturesque lanes of South East Cornwall, and visit the unique tors and quarries of Bodmin Moor.


Find smugglers haunts, quarries, mines, old train lines, green lanes, pubs and tea rooms (and keep an eye out for the beast of Bodmin!).




1/2 Day £60.00

Full Day £90.00

Additional Walkers (to a maximum of 8) £5.00 per person

Please contact us for enquiries about larger groups


Guided Walking



Venture out onto the wide open expanses of Dartmoor National Park. Explore Internationally significant Bronze Age sites, the remains of later industrial archaeology, or simply the unique wilderness of tors, rivers and forests.


Dartmoor offers plenty of opportunities for longer expeditions too, linking fantastic day or

multi-day walks between hotels, hostels or campsites around the moor, as well as many

beautiful and remote wild-camping spots.



1/2 Day £80.00

Full Day £130.00

Additional Walkers (to a maximum of 8) £5.00 per person

Overnight additional rate £50.00 per night


UK Mountain Adventures

Walk in the glorious mountain scenery of the UK. From South Wales, to the the Scottish Isles,

a qualified Climb Cornwall Instructor can plan and lead your walks.


Explore the Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia, the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands. 

From one day mountain walks, to multi-day expeditions, staying in luxury hotels or

remote bivouacs.


Bespoke Guiding


Can't see exactly what you want, or is there a particular walking trip you had in mind?


All of our courses are completely adaptable, and if you have an idea we haven't thought of yet, we would love to hear about it and help you realise your dream.

Contact Climb Cornwall to chat about any adaptions or a completely bespoke guided walking experience.


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