Guided Climbing

Whether you are trying out indoor climbing, moving outdoors for your first steps on real rock, or hoping to tick that classic route, a Climb Cornwall instructor can guide you through the whole process. From indoor bouldering to multipitch sea-cliff routes, relax in the knowledge that an experienced climbing instructor is holding your ropes.


We use a range of indoor locations throughout the South West, as well as the stunning collection of crags and sea-cliffs around Devon and Cornwall, offering challenges and adventure for all ages and abilities.

Indoor Climbing

Climbing walls are a great way to begin climbing or to hone your skills.

Try climbing under the expert care of a qualified Climb Cornwall instructor at a range of indoor venues in the South West.


All equipment and wall entry is included.

Rates (per hour)

1 climber £50.00  2 climbers £80.00  3 climbers  £90.00  4 climbers  £100.00 

Enquire about Indoor Climbing

Outdoor Climbing - 1/2 day bouldering

Bouldering (noun) - "climbing on boulders, either for practice or as a sport in its own right, often using crash mats for protection."


There are some incredible bouldering venues in the South West. Climb Cornwall can pick out the best venue for you based on your climbing experience, provide a guide, mats, spotter, brushes and encouragement!

You will get the most from bouldering if you have your own pair of climbing shoes.



1 climber £85.00  2 climbers £110.00  3 climbers  £135.00  4 climbers  £160.00


Enquire about 1/2 Day Bouldering

Outdoor Climbing - 1/2 day crag climbing

Get outside on real rock. With a Climb Cornwall Instructor there to provide equipment, set up your ropes, and help choose suitable challenges, you can experience roped climbing on some of the premier crags in the South West.

You don't need any equipment, but bring your own climbing shoes if you have them.



1 climber £85.00  2 climbers £110.00  3 climbers  £135.00  4 climbers  £160.00

Enquire about 1/2 Day Crag Climbing

Outdoor Climbing - full day climbing & bouldering


A full day out on rock with a Climb Cornwall Instructor, get on some routes with ropes and a harness and hone your technique on smaller boulders all in one day!

We will have a lunch break, and it may be necessary to change to different venue for the afternoon - but one of the joys of climbing in the South West is that we have so many good places to climb!



1 climber £130.00  2 climbers £150.00  3 climbers  £175.00  4 climbers  £200.00

Enquire about Full Day Climbing & Bouldering

Outdoor Climbing - multipitch day

There is nothing quite like hanging out hundreds of feet above the ground, with superb climbing above and below! You can experience the thrill of multipitch climbing safe in the knowledge that a qualified Climb Cornwall Instructor is holding your ropes.



Up to 2 climbers £200.00

Up to 4 climbers £380.00

Up to 6 climbers £540.00

Enquire about a Multipitch Day

Outdoor Climbing - sea cliff adventure

With the tang of salt and the spray in the air, waves crashing beneath your feet, and the only way out is up, rock climbing does not come more adventurous than this! The South West offers some of the best sea-cliff venues in the UK, so explore the excitement of sea-cliff climbing with a Climb Cornwall Instructor.

This day can be significantly affected by tides and weather conditions, and could involve abseil approaches to the climbs.



Up to 2 climbers £200.00

Up to 4 climbers £380.00

Up to 6 climbers £540.00

Enquire about a Sea Cliff Day

Bespoke Guided Climbing Trips

Are you visiting the area and want a local guide to take you to the best spots? Or maybe you're headed elsewhere but want a bit of extra expertise along? Or are you unsure of what to go for, and in need of some inspiration? 


Climb Cornwall can provide an experienced and qualified instructor to join you for all or part of your trip. Let us help with your accomodation, equipment, crag and route suggestions, and of course - getting you on the routes that you want to climb.


Please Enquire about a Guided Trip for a conversation about how we can help.


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