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Indoor climbing facilities have grown in popularity over the last 20 years, no longer are they the dusty lairs of a small elite, dedicated to training, nor the sole preserve of school groups on activity days. Modern facilities now cater for all users and have become the social hubs for many climbers.


Learning to become a fully self-sufficient user of these facilities allows you the greatest flexibility and to get the most out of a visit to your local wall. Climb Cornwall offers instruction for complete beginners, and those looking to develop their skills further and learn to lead climb.

Learn  to Lead Indoors - 6hr Indoor Climbing Course


Tie-in to the sharp end and learn to lead climb indoors.

With a Climb Cornwall instructor on hand throughout, we will cover the concepts of leading, risk management and best practice, use and selection of equipment, clipping, falling, belaying a leader, clip-drop and working a route.

This course is best delivered over 2 or 3 sessions.



1 climber £180.00

2 climbers £240.00

3 climbers £300.00


Group rates

Up to 6 £480.00


Ropework Techniques - 3hr  Indoor  Workshop


Can you tie-off a belay plate or rig an unassisted hoist?


Need a reminder on equalising anchors or what to do if you drop your favourite HMS carabiner?


Learn or review a host of rope-work tips and techniques in this 3 hour workshop, from building belays to prusiking up your abseil rope. Prevention is always better than cure, so we'll have a look at how to avoid common problems too.



1 climber £120.00

2 climbers £160.00

3 climbers £210.00

4 climbers £240.00


Group rates

Up to 6 £300.00

Up to 12 £480.00


Indoor Climbing

Begin with the Basics - 6hr Indoor Climbing Course


Join a Climb Cornwall instructor and learn to use an indoor climbing facility independently of an instructor. We will cover risk awareness and management, best practice at indoor walls, the selection and use of suitable climbing equipment, knots, and belaying techniques.

This course is best delivered in 3 or 4 sessions.


1 climber £150.00

2 climbers £180.00

3 climbers £210.00


Group rates

Up to 6 £360.00

Up to 9 £450.00


Bespoke Instruction


Not seen exactly what you are looking for?


Climb Cornwall can provide instructors to deliver on a range of subjects at indoor walls. From 1:1 support for clients with an impairment, to bespoke coaching for those wanting to use climbing to promote positive behaviour and choices.


Contact  Climb Cornwall about Bespoke Instruction

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