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Climb Cornwall delivers a range of group activities for all ages and abilities; from single afternoon activities to year-long programmes.

You can find more group activities and specialised advice for groups in our technical services section.

Group Activities

Special Occasion Adventures


Do something different - Try indoor climbing, outdoor climbing, a huge abseil, see breath-taking views, or even summit a UK mountain on your special day, all under the careful supervision of a Climb Cornwall Instructor. With activities lasting from a few hours to several days, make it an experience to remember.


Climb Cornwall delivers a range of bespoke activities including...

  • Go climbing, indoors or outside.

  • Relax on a guided walk on the cliffs, moors or mountains.

  • Test yourself abseiling from huge cliffs or viaducts.

  • Trek or scramble up some of the UK's most adventurous mountains.

  • Make a weekend (or even a week!) of it with a bespoke multi-activity package.

Contact Climb Cornwall to discuss a bespoke package that fits your needs.

Clubs and Societies


Technical advice and support for hillwalking, climbing and mountaineering clubs. Group coaching and instruction, and mentoring for club officers and leaders.

Whether you're looking for some group coaching, bespoke instruction for your club members, training for club officials, or an expert pair of eyes at your AGM, club night, or crag day - Climb Cornwall can provide support for clubs and societies involved in walking, climbing, scrambling and mountaineering activities within the UK.

Climb Cornwall can also provide technical advice - please see the technical services page for more information.

Corporate Activities - Receive coaching and mentoring for both personal and group performance, try an adventurous work party and grow as a team.

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