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Hillwalking & Mountaineering

There are some incredible places to walk and scramble in the UK, and skills learned in the British mountains have been the foundation of many successful climbs and remote mountaineering summits around the world.


Whether you are looking to step onto the hills for the first time, brush up on your navigation techniques, spend a few nights out, or develop your confidence on steeper terrain, a qualified Climb Cornwall Instructor can help.


Courses are suitable for individuals or groups, and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Navigation: Foundation Skills - Full Day Workshop


Find your way around a map and compass, and then find your way around with a map and compass!


Look at the basics of land-based navigation; familiarisation with maps, compass, and some techniques to get you from A to B once you are off the beaten track.

Rates (per participant)

1 walker £220.00

2 walkers £260.00

3-5 walkers £125.00

6-12 walkers £120.00 


Navigation: Advanced Skills -  Two Day Workshop


Got hold of the basics? The spend a day on the hill with a Climb Cornwall Instructor honing your skills and speeding up your planning and execution.


Explore planning and walking more complex legs, contour interpretation, finding more difficult features, relocation skills, and crossing more complicated terrain.


Rates (per participant)

1 walker £420.00

2 walkers £250.00

3-5 walkers £240.00

6-12 walkers £230.00


Navigation: Night/Poor Visibility Skills Workshop


Do not get benighted before you have attended this workshop!


Suitable for those who are already able to navigate with a map and compass.


Get out into the dark with a Climb Cornwall instructor and learn to apply all your navigational techniques in poor visibility.


This workshop usually runs at night to give us the most challenging

conditions to practice in - expect a late night!


Rates (per participant)

1 walker £140.00

2 walkers £80.00

3-5 walkers £65.00

6-12 walkers £55.00


Scrambling for Walkers - Two Day Workshop


Scrambling does not necessarily mean terrifying vertical terrain and physically challenging climbing, but developing skills and confidence to move safely on steeper ground can open up vast areas of new terrain to explore.


Suitable for those who are comfortable walking and navigating on the hills and moors, and want to develop their skills to get the most out of trips to the mountains. Spend two days with a Climb Cornwall instructor

looking at movement skills on rock, route reading, risk assessment and management,

steeper ascents and descents, and the use of a rope to safeguard scramblers.



​Rates (per participant)

1 walker £420.00

2 walkers £250.00

3-5 walkers £240.00

6-12 walkers £230.00



Mountain Walking and Navigation


Getting out on the British mountains can be a step up from walking on the moors and lowlands.

With an experienced Climb Cornwall Instructor, explore steeper terrain,

ridges, summits and mountain navigation.


We can arrange longer journeys and wild camping over two or more

days throughout the British mountainous regions.


Bespoke Instruction


The workshops and courses above are just a selection of popular courses we offer. Climb Cornwall instructors have a wealth of experience working and playing in the hills and mountains of the UK and would be very excited to join you on your adventure.


For a conversation about bespoke instruction please contact Climb Cornwall.

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