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We are continually amazed by the commitment, ability, and enthusiasm shown by young climbers.


Whether they are just starting their climbing journey at their local wall or competing internationally with the British Youth Teams, young people are regularly taking centre-stage in the climbing world with incredible performances in all aspects of the sport. 

We believe coaching for under 18's is particularly important. Our childhood experiences shape us for the rest of our lives, both physically and psychologically, so it is essential that climbing participation is positive, progressive and informed to ensure they enjoy their climbing, to reduce the risk of injuries, and to promote life-long participation.

Coaching for Younger Climbers

Coaching Support


A coach can focus on any area of climbing performance, whether this is to train physical capabilities, improve tactics and decision making, develop mental control for performing or competitions, or to learn and practice specific techniques.


Coaching Support can be used regularly to support training, or occasionally to

focus on a particular aspect of performance.

These sessions can be booked individually or as a block.


None - coaching is available for all ages and abilities.

Cost per 90 minute session

1 climber £60.00

2 climbers £80.00

Youth Development Programme

Supporting safe training and promoting life-long participation. 

Young climbers can be at particular risk of over-training or injuries due to training whilst growing; informed and structured training is the key to improving performance whilst staying injury free.

We provide a personalised training programme and monthly contact sessions in Plymouth

with a coach to ensure that exercises are understood.


Participants must be able to climb twice a week to complete the

training exercises in-between each monthly contact session.

Cost per 3 month block

1 climber £120.00


YCS Preparation Programme


Supporting young climbers competing in Categories A, B and C in the Youth Climbing Series

Each 3 hour coaching session focuses on key areas of competition and lead climbing, as well as providing opportunities for familiarisation with venues, and facilitated performance review.


Participants should already be lead climbing


These workshops are designed to complement (not replace) regular

training with a Squad or on our Youth Development Programme



Full programme (7 sessions) £245.00

Individual session £40.00

Outdoor Coaching


Outdoor climbing is of course where it all started - whilst climbing walls are now recognised as the normal entry point to the sport historically they were only considered as "training for the real thing"!

If you are looking to take your climbing skills to real rock, we offer both

coaching and technical support at bouldering and sport climbing



None - coaching is available for all ages and abilities, although a parent

or guardian may need to accompany under 18's.

Cost  - up to 2 climbers

1/2 day £150.00

If you want to try outdoor climbing for the first time you may find more suitable options in the guiding section.

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