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Performance Coaching


Performance is made up of many aspects, knowing what needs improving and how to target it can be a daunting task. Experienced Climb Cornwall coaches can help identify your weaknesses, agree your training goals, develop a training program, refine your technique, and help you understand and develop your technical, physical and mental performance.

Everything we deliver is progressive and designed around each individual participant. We feel that performance is best measured against your own capacity, rather than by comparing you to other climbers. 

All coaching begins with two questions -  Where you are now?  and Where do you want to be? 

Assessment & Programme Design

During this session a coach will help you goal set and complete an assessment of your current climbing capabilities - looking at barriers, opportunities, gaps in your knowledge or physical condition, as well as all the other bits of real life that could impact on your climbing. From this we create a training programme to direct and support your climbing development.

Programmes are infinitely variable, depending on your goals, strengths, weaknesses and resources, so each one is bespoke and will usually be 8-16 weeks long.

Coaching Programme clients benefit from reduced rates for our Performance Coaching workshops, a free monthly check up with a coach, and a discount on any other Climb Cornwall courses.


None - coaching is available for all ages and abilities.


1 climber £100.00

2 climbers £160.00

Climb Clinic social coaching

Coaching Support

Climb Clinic social coaching

A coach can focus on any area of your climbing performance, whether this is to train your physical capabilities, improve your tactics and decision making,  support your head-game, or to learn and practise specific techniques.


Coaching Support sessions can be used to support your regular training, or just occasionally to help with a change in training regime or during your peak performance phase.

These sessions can be booked individually or as a block.


None - coaching is available for all ages and abilities.

Cost per 90 minute session

1 climber £60.00

2 climbers £80.00

Coaching Workshops

Climb Clinic social coaching


We run a range of open workshops that focus on specific elements of climbing

performance, these are aimed at climbers who want to know more about how

climbing works (and how to do it better!). 

We also run a monthly social session for adult climbers at a wall in the South West -

these offer a great opportunity to catch up with a member of the Climb Cornwall

team for some informal coaching and input regarding your training.

Find our more about our social climb clinic and our range of

performance coaching workshops on our courses page.

Outdoor Coaching

Climb Clinic social coaching


Are your climbing goals outdoors? Is your technique on real rock is letting you down? Or is there some inconsistency between your traditional leading and indoor bouldering grades?

This is a very popular option for climbers wanting input on specific techniques rarely found at indoor venues, and to provide support on outdoor projects during peak performance phases.


None - coaching is available for all ages and abilities, although a parent or

guardian may need to accompany under 18's

Cost for up to 2 climbers

Half day £150.00

Full day £200.00

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